Just take off, don't be bogged down for the want of a Technology Head or a CTO, even if its for the short term.


    We bring the expertise and knowledge that you would have trouble finding otherwise!


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    Just a small subset of the things we can do for your business

    Building MVPs that scale

    Starting up is hard. Make it slightly easier with our help!

    Rely on our expertise building large, highly scalable systems and processes to build out a product that you can ship rapidly, and continue building on in the future! We have built everything from Web, Android, iOS and massive scale backend projects, and know our way around anything you can throw our way.

    Moving to (or starting on) the Cloud

    Avoid cloud decision paralysis!

    The cloud is abundant. And with various products from companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google at play, it is hard to know where to start from, what to choose and how to go about deciding and implementing your cloud strategy. Let us help you make the right decisions and execute quickly on it!

    Security Reviews

    Don't wait till it's too late to secure your infrastructure

    A day doesn't go by without the news of a data leak at a company. Take steps now to prevent your company from being in the news for the wrong reason. Do a comprehensive security review, leveraging expertise from Google and Amazon, and be aware of the security level of your company, and what you need to improve on.

    Architecting end-to-end

    Ensure the only way you go is up, and not down!

    Whether you have a new startup that is yet to get off the ground, or a an old company with technology bursting at it's seams, it's never too late to review and update your architecture so that you can plan and implement for the future. Our comprehensive architecture support will help you detail out your current setup, understand its limitations, and detail out an architecture that will allow you to grow without technology being the bottle-neck. And we will help you plan out and implement it!

    Workshops & Training

    Get your team up and running quickly

    Sometimes, the only thing missing for your company to execute and implement is the knowledge. With our hand-on, critically acclaimed workshops on technologies like Angular, NodeJS and more, ensure your team is brought up to speed with the knowledge they need, and the best practices to help your company and project succeed.

  • Why Rent, and not Hire?

    Short answer - it's easier!


    Time Consuming

    The average time to hire a CTO or a senior level architect takes anywhere from 6 to 9 months! Do you really have that much time?


    Fitment Concern

    If & When you hire a senior resource, you are making a decision based on a few interviews. And if you make the wrong decision, the impact on your company could be critical!


    Is your problem Short Term ?

    You need a CTO to get your company up and running. You need an architect for those few critical decisions. Why hire someone full-time when those problems are temporary?

  • Why Choose Us ?


    MBA, B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science

    Shyam is a comprehensive package of someone who understands business and technology, with an MBA from the Indian School of Business backing his Computer Science degree (with Honors) from the University of Texas at Dallas.







    Body of Work

    Author, Leader, Coder

    Shyam was part of the original AngularJS team at Google, and has written 3 books on Angular for O'Reilly publications. He has been an advisor, reviewer and mentor at companies he has worked with and led. Starting from Java, working on Python, learning and building frameworks on JavaScript, building native iOS and Android applications, deploying and scaling large scale web-apps, you name it, he's done it.



    Strong Leader

    Google, Amazon, Hopscotch

    Shyam has led large engineering teams at both Google and Amazon, and has also been the Head of Engineering at Hopscotch. He has experience working across frontend, backend, mobile and across languages and technologies. He's an all-rounder, with both people management skills and architecture experience at scale.





    Been there, done that!

    Startup or Large Scale Company, we've done it

    Working at two startups, Shyam has consulted for multiple MNCs as well as Startups across the world, and helped develop prototypes, as well as troubleshoot and solve mission-critical problems that were delaying launches. Shyam has setup large teams from scratch, as well as processes for teams to grow and scale.






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