Improving Application Load Time

Improving the Application Performance, especially the load time, is something allSingle Page Application (SPA) developers have hanging over their head, whether from the beginning of development, or as a last minute need. The initial load of a Single Page Application is a very critical thing that affects the User Experience, so it is something that must be paid special attention … Read More

ShyamImproving Application Load Time

Using ng-src and ng-href

Usually, AngularJS expressions are very flexible in that they can be used with any directive or html attributes. For eg. the title attribute can be used with an AngularJS expression like Most AngularJS directives, on the other hand, work with direct binding from the controller’s instance or the $scope. For eg. we would use ng-show as follows: and not as … Read More

Abhiroop PatelUsing ng-src and ng-href

Optimizing ng-repeat in AngularJS

The ng-repeat directive is the workhorse for any AngularJS application. It is almost always one of the first things you encounter when you get started. You hardly think about optimizing ng-repeat in AngularJS when you get started, because that is rarely the first concern you start with. Using ng-repeat in AngularJS Let’s quickly recap how we can use ng-repeats (along with optional filters): … Read More

ShyamOptimizing ng-repeat in AngularJS

AngularJS ngModel with Objects

When you start working with AngularJS and forms, you will need to use a Select / Combo box at some point in time. And while simple string based models are great to prototype, you will eventually have structures where the user sees some label, while the value that gets stored is some other value (Think displaying Male, and storing 1 … Read More

ShyamAngularJS ngModel with Objects

Different uses of node-async library

What is node-async? node-async is a javascript module that can be used for both nodejs as well as on the browser. It basically simplifies working with asynchronous tasks in javascript. It provides some powerful functions that help in easy implementation of complex javascript asynchronous calls like database operations, server calls and file operations. Why use node-async? Consider a case where … Read More

Abhiroop PatelDifferent uses of node-async library

Making AngularJS HTML5 Compliant

    There are some of the common questions and refrains we always hear when we interact with companies about AngularJS. People believe (wrongly!) that AngularJS apps cannot be HTML5 compliant. Even the (much improved!) AngularJS docs don’t do much to clarify this detail. So is AngularJS HTML5 compliant? Or if its not, can it be made compliant? If you … Read More

ShyamMaking AngularJS HTML5 Compliant

A delightfully insidious bug!

With one of our previous projects, we ran into a last minute disaster. The AngularJS project that we had toiled away on for the last few months was now crashing Internet Explorer! Reliably! Consistently! Within 5 minutes! And with a pending deadline hanging over our heads, it was up to me to figure out how to tame this beast. Quickly! … Read More

ShyamA delightfully insidious bug!

Introducing Euphoriq – Wedding Website and App

We are proud to introduce Euphoriq, the celebrations app. We have been MIA the past few months because we had doubled down on the development of Euphoriq for the past few months. We have been the technology partners for Stenwork to develop and release the Euphoriq Website and the Euphoriq – The Celebrations App (on Android, with iOS coming soon). … Read More

ShyamIntroducing Euphoriq – Wedding Website and App

AngularJS Carousel Directive

Every cool app needs a Carousel. Its not cool till it has one. And so, there are a dozen or so variations of an AngularJS Carousel Directive out there in the wild. So why on earth would we create yet another one? Well, we did the sane things first. We Modified Twitter Bootstrap to use its Carousel as a directive … Read More

ShyamAngularJS Carousel Directive

Using AngularJS directives in IE8

Directives in AngularJS are one of its most powerful features. They allow you to create custom reusable components with ease. However, there are few things you should keep in mind while creating them to ensure that AngularJS directives in IE8 work just like every other browser. There are four ways directives can be used in AngularJS viz. Attribute, Element, Class … Read More

Abhiroop PatelUsing AngularJS directives in IE8